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The Southern New Hampshire
and meditation
The beneficial physiological changes experienced by both your
body and your mind during the practice of meditation are
numerous and profound. The damage caused by our modern
day lifestyles is invisible until we are laid low by sickness or
worse. Discover how  meditation decreases your body's
deadly cortisol levels, raises beneficial serotonin levels and
elevates your alpha brainwaves.
Academy Award winning actress, educator, and best selling author
Goldie Hawn retired from Hollywood nearly ten years ago to found her
Hawn Foundation and to introduce her MindUp program to as many of
America's public schools as they can. The MindUp program trains
children in the practice of Mindfulness in an effort to bring a new way
and a new vitality to our schools. Results of the program have shown an
increase in focus and learning as well as a drop in stress, frustration, and
See her recent video interview now!
Dr. Elisha Goldstein discusses how staying Mindful, how staying
in the present moment, can help you to stay more focused on your
job. She also shows you ways to practice Mindfulness at work so
that you begin to open up to everything around you which will
enable you to relieve stress, make better decisions, and avoid
needless confrontation and anger.
                           Your help can change the lives of our families, our singles,
                           and our elderly here in Southern New Hampshire.
                                  The funds we raise go toward our neighbors who are in desperate need!
Noted author's and long time devotees to meditation, Ed and Deb
Shapiro, reveal to us the myriad ways that meditation will
change your life on a daily basis. They know firsthand the joy
and peace that meditation has brought into their lives.
It is no secret that the number one health issue in corporate
America today is STRESS! In an effort to combat the stress and
anxiety ridden environment of today's workplace, such
companies as Google, IBM, Apple, Yahoo, and thousands of
others businesses have turned to meditation to increase the
focus, production, and the happiness, of their employees.
Legendary teacher and author Pema Chodron uncovers the
mystery of gaining such seemingly unattainable gifts as peace
and loving kindness. How we can develop tranquility of mind
and the peace that comes with that and how we can project
unconditional love is through regular mindful meditation.
What Time Magazine says about meditation...
"Not only do studies show meditation is boosting their immune system,
but brain scans suggest that it may be rewiring their brains
to reduce stress..."

"Ten million Americans now say they practice some form
of meditation regularly, twice as many as a decade ago..."

"Meditation is being recommended by more and more physicians as a
way to prevent, slow, or at least, control the pain of chronic diseases like
heart disease, AIDS, cancer and infertility and is being used to restore
balance in the face of such afflictions as depression and ADHD..."

- from Time Magazine / August 2003 issue
What Inc. Magazine says about meditation...
"Facebook, Ebay, and General Mills executives are meditators.
Google has set up separate rooms so their senior staff
would be able to pursue it..."

"Meditation can help leaders pay attention to what really matters..."

By dealing with what you CAN control, and letting go of what
you cannot, you can make better decisions..."

  - from Inc. Magazine / October 2011 issue
What Reader's Digest says about the
benefits and advantages of meditation...
"When you meditate, your brain becomes more
ordered and coherent... your mind quiets down
allowing you to experience a deep sense
of peace and well being..."

Practicing meditation in a group setting
also seems to help people become closer
as well as more productive..."

- from Reader's Digest / April 2008 issue
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ELIMINATION of stress, anxiety, fear,
frustration and pain.
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